Friday, November 1, 2013

Monique Dobson, The Musical Reviewer

               Recently, a reporter for the BMC Newspaper, Monique Dobson, received a letter from a recording company, Bosue Recordz, complimenting one of her posts on the website. They recognized her for her story "Passionate Brashier Musicians in Guitar Club Strive for Success." Bosue Recordz is a very "underground" recording studio. They currently have no website and I personally was unable to find their building. However, I did find a trademark link showing that they filed the proper U.S. federal trademark papers on Monday, June 13th, 2011, proving that they are in fact real. Bosue Recordz wants Monique to review a new EP, playing her guitar suite, for the band Rip N' Time. The band originated in Los Angeles. The band was created in September of 2013. The Drummer of the band, Vincent Tarrega and the Guitarist, Riley Ripintyme have been wanting to start a band since fourth grade and they are currently in high school. The band's genre rock/indie (Jangle Pop). The recording company has said that they are influenced by some early classic rock bands such as, The Beatles, Queen, and The Bangles.
                  When Monique received the box with the CD in it, she looked very astonished and happy. She has an immense passion for music and is very good at playing the bass guitar. She has wrote many stories for the Brashier Middle College Newspaper and has done a few reviews of different things. In my opinion, this is huge! This recording label could have chosen anyone to review this band for them, but somehow a girl who is still a junior in high school who has never had her name really projected into society fame, gets a chance to start reviewing a band. It's an amazing task that she has been given. I personally believe that she should review this band and continue to keep in contact with this recording company.

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